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The Enforcer

Hey! Long time no write. Zakari here. Hopefully someone still reads this journal. We haven't totally abandoned it but real life has gotten in the way.

Title: The Enforcer

Pairing: EXO - Lay/Luhan (non-romantic)
Genre: Suspence
Rating: PG
Summary: Luhan gets the visit he's been waiting for

Luhan knew exactly who had entered his apartment without even looking. He knew the sound of those footprints and their purpose. All of his instincts told him to grab the gun hidden under coffee table but he pushed all those feelings away.   He had been waiting for this day for three years. He knew he couldn’t run from the past forever. He knew they would find him and who they would send. He was tired of running. Running for the last three years had already felt like forever.

“Are you here to kill me Zhang Yixing?” Luhan asked his best friend.

Yixing said nothing. Luhan sighed and took another drink of scotch. He turned to face his would be killer.

The two men stared at each other. The barrel of Yixing’s gun was pointed directly at Luhan’s forehead.

“Why didn’t you run farther? It wasn’t supposed to be like this. You were supposed to get out forever!” Yixing shouted.

“We both know that no one gets out. No one gets away. No matter how far I ran, no matter where I went, you would find me. If it wasn’t you, they would have sent someone else. There was no where else for me to run.”

“Tell me what I am supposed to do?” Yixing asked, his voice trembling ever so slightly.

A normal person wouldn’t have heard the tremble in Yixing’s voice. Yixing was always a steely professional when it came to a job. Luhan could hear it.  He knew Yixing better than anyone else. They were more than best friends; they had been like brothers. They worked hundreds of jobs together with little to no thoughts for the victims. It was just a job to them both until it wasn’t just a job to Luhan and he ran.

“Yixing, you know what you have to do. This is just a job after all and we both know what happens if you don’t. No one escapes the company. No one gets away unscathed, not even the president’s son.”

Duì bù qǐ qǐng yuánliàng wǒ”* Yixing said sadly as his finger moved toward the trigger

Luhan smiled at at the sound of his native tongue. It had been so long since he heard it. It was the last thing he heard as his world turned silent.

AN: I’m very very sorry in Chinese.